Second places behind Barry, Danielson, Hincapie, Leipheimer, Vandevelde and Zabriskie

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@Cyclingbase blogged the periods of disqualifications according to the USADA report. Velofacts collected the wins during those periods and the corresponding 2nd places.

Rider Nat Period of disqualification
Barry, Michael CDN 13 May 2003 – 31 July 2006
Danielson, Tom USA 1 March 2005 – 23 September 2006
Hincapie, George USA 31 May 2004 – 31 July 2006
Leipheimer, Levi USA 1 June 1999 – 30 July 2006
7 July 2007 – 29 July 2007
Vandevelde, Christian USA 4 June 2004 – 30 April 2006
Zabriskie, David USA 13 May 2003 – 31 July 2006

In some cases the second place and lower would also be disqualified. It is hard to tell who the official winners will be.

In the “clean” gap between the two disqualification periods for Levi Leipheimer he had 6 wins! 6th stage Deutschland tour, 2 stages Tour of California + GC and 2 stages Tour of Georgia

The second places behind Lance Armstrong can be found here

who Event[stage] 2nd (3rd)
1999 LEIPHEIMER Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal[3] BILEK Jaroslav
1999 LEIPHEIMER Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal[5] HRUSKA Jan
2000 LEIPHEIMER Circuit Franco-Belge [2] NARDELLO Daniele
2001 LEIPHEIMER Redlands Bicycle Classic[6] ROGERS Michael
2001 LEIPHEIMER Sea Otter Classic[1] HORNER Christopher
2002 LEIPHEIMER Route du Sud [3] KINTANA ZARATE Aitor
2004 LEIPHEIMER Setmana Catalana de Ciclisme[4] RODRIGUEZ OLIVER Joaquin
2004 ZABRISKIE National Championship LIESWYN John
2004 ZABRISKIE Vuelta a España[11] PETACCHI Alessandro
2005 HINCAPIE Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne VAN IMPE Kevin
2005 DANIELSON Tour de Georgia[5] 2nd LEIPHEIMER Levi
4th LANDIS Floyd
2005 DANIELSON Tour de Georgia[GC] LEIPHEIMER Levi
(LANDIS Floyd)
2005 ZABRISKIE Giro d’Italia[8] BASSO Ivan
2005 HINCAPIE Dauphiné Libéré[p] LEIPHEIMER Levi
2005 HINCAPIE Dauphiné Libéré[7] POPOVYCH Yaroslav
2005 ZABRISKIE Tour de France[1] ARMSTRONG Lance
(VINOKUROV Alexandr)
2005 BARRY Tour of Austria [5] LEMOINE Cyril
2005 HINCAPIE Tour de France[15] PEREIRO SIO Oscar
2005 LEIPHEIMER Deutschland Tour[4] TOTSCHNIG Georg
2005 LEIPHEIMER Deutschland Tour[GC] ULLRICH Jan
2005 HINCAPIE GP Ouest France – Plouay USOV Alexandre
2006 LEIPHEIMER Tour of California[p] JULICH Bobby
2006 HINCAPIE Tour of California[2] HORNER Christopher
2006 HINCAPIE Tour of California[5] WEGMANN Fabian
2006 ZABRISKIE Dauphiné Libéré[p] HINCAPIE George
2006 ZABRISKIE Dauphiné Libéré[3] LANDIS Floyd
2006 LEIPHEIMER Dauphiné Libéré[GC] MOREAU Christophe
2006 DANIELSON Tour of Austria [GC] PODGORNYY Ruslan
2006 DANIELSON Vuelta a España[17] VINOKUROV Alexandr
2007 LEIPHEIMER Tour de France[19] EVANS Cadel

[GC] = General Classification, [p] = Prologue

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