Winning speed Mathieu van de Poel 21.710 km/h

Wout van Aert lost his chain twice, had one bad fall and a flat tyre in the last lap

Winning speed Michael Vanthourenhout 22.620 km/h

Winning speed Simon Andreassen: 22.230 km/h

Story of the tyre choices at the Junior race

Iserbyt wanted to start on slicks, but was talked out of it by his team. Then started on grifo (intermediate profile). He said that the course changed in 5 minutes so he needed Rhinos (heavy profile). The team left thos at the mobil home, so they were ready for him on the last lap

Andreassen rode the whole race on grifos and he said he had no trouble with them

Gulickx was able to switch to rhinos and was happy with the tyre change

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Circumstances during U23 were a lot better

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During the U23 race the course was still frozen. That explains their faster laps

Mathieu van der Poel had the fastest lap of the elite race. 12 riders were faster than Sven Nys' fastest lap
Mathieu van der Poel 8:54.99
Wout van Aert 8:55.23
Kevin Pauwels 9:04.25
Rob Peeters 9:07:52

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Jan Denuwelaere was 5:19 behind the race leaders when they started their last lap. That was about 75% of the fastest first lap 7:08

If the gap is over 80% the jury can decide to pull the rider from the race (rule 5.1.052):

The decision as to whether the 80% rule is to be applied will be made by the president of the commissaires' panel after discussion with the organiser. Any rider whose time being 80% slower of that of the race leader's first lap will be pulled out of the race. He shall leave the race at the end of his lap in the zone provided for the purpose (the "80% zone") except when the rider is on his final lap. At UCI world championships and UCI world cup events the 80% rule must be applied.

Jan Denuwelaere's last lap 9:08 is a calculation. He finished about a second behind Sven Nys after being lapped.

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Laurens Sweeck (U23 race) was faster over his 8 laps than the elite over their first 8 laps

Incidents: Tim Merlier lap 1, fall. Tom Meeusen lap 9, fall

Last 2 laps from the U23 results are unknown. Wout van Aet rode 15:01 on the final 2 laps

Wout van Aert was 42 seconds faster than Pauwels and van der Haar after 7 laps

Mathieu vd Poel heavy fall in lap 5 while leading the race

Corne van Kessel fell in his slow lap
David vd Poel lost his chain in first lap.

Weather conditions were ideal

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Weather conditions were ideal, warm

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Weather conditions were ideal, warm

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