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    Time limits may be adjusted in the event of exceptional or unforeseeable circumstances (weather conditions, blocked roads, a serious accident or incident, etc.), depending on an assessment made by the commissaires' jury and in agreement with the race directors.

    Bearing this in mind, all of the riders who finish within the new time limit will be able to start the stages that follow, although this does not create a precedent for the rest of the race.

    Possible reinstatement

    The commissaires' jury may in exceptional cases allow one or several particularly unlucky riders to be reinstated in the race, after informing the race directors. In this case, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

    • the average speed of the stage;
    • the point at which the incident or accident occurred;
    • the effort made by the delayed rider/riders; possible blockage of the roads.

    As these time limits are calculated based on the times recorded by the rider or team that has won the stage, disqualifications resulting from the decisions made by the commissaires' jury and announced thereafter cannot subsequently make any rider at all eligible for reinstatement. In cases where riders who have finished outside the time limit are reinstated by the president of the commissaires' jury, they will forfeit all of the points they have gained in the various secondary classifications.